Professional Candidate Screening

Professional Candidate Screening


Your workforce is probably your organization’s greatest asset. However, it is also laden with risk, especially at the hiring stage, but also as time goes by and individuals perform actions in their lives that are not very desirable. You need to know the weak points of your workforce as a basic risk mitigation device.


Protection from unwanted legal actions


Depending on the jurisdictions in which your enterprise operates, legislation can vary and so can the risk of legal action against you for the actions and behaviors of your employees. The only way to stay ahead of the game is to know what’s happening so that you can prepare for potential undesirable eventualities.

That is where background screening for professionals by Krib Information Services is your ally and a very valuable resource. We help you to make smarter and safer hiring decisions. Then we can put a lifetime monitoring system in place to keep an eye on your employees.


From hiring to retiring – we monitor your people


A workforce screening solution starts with new hires. Most hiring managers offer successful candidates an employment contract conditional on successfully passing a background screening check. It simply makes total sense to double-check your new hires first.

Advanced technology is the key to monitoring events in the courts and in enforcement agencies to know when an employee may be becoming a risk to your enterprise. Knowledge gives you the power to take action before the risk materializes.


Professional candidates must meet higher standards


Take the financial industry or any highly regulated sector, for example. Compliance must be maintained 24/7 and compliance largely depends on your people understanding the rules and abiding by them.

It is critical to check claims made by new hire candidates to ensure they are true and correct. Frequently, candidates “stretch the truth” when describing their past employment experience. This may indicate that they possess the necessary capabilities to meet compliance requirements, but what if they do not?


Protect your clients and your reputation in your industry


Then there are your clients to consider. Your organization’s reputation and professional standing can be rapidly downgraded by sensational newspaper headlines, or even by rumors. Make sure that your workforce is of the quality you believe them to be, and that those standards are constantly being upheld.


Background screening can be your new department


With Krib Information Services you effectively plug in a new department for your organization. We are here on call to take your requirements forward, just as if we were part of your organization.

The process is straightforward and you may nominate any number of responsible managers to be authorized procurers of our background screening services. That removes a great deal of bottlenecks from the decision making process when you need to move an investigation forward quickly and with the minimum of fuss.


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