Employee Background Screening

Employee Background Screening


Background screening ensures your candidates are who they say they are and that their academic and professional credentials stand up to scrutiny.

The temptation to polish a resume to match the requirements of a role is often just too much for some people. They go further than just highlighting their best attributes. Inaccuracies and downright untruths are commonplace and falsified credentials appear more often than you might think.

This presents a major risk to an organization.  The key to mitigating that risk is the kind of information that a background screening check can reveal before offering a candidate a position.

Common sense dictates that it would be careless to take what a candidate says at face value. Krib Information Services carry out these checks on your behalf. The report you receive after we have complete the investigation gives you the knowledge to make an informed decision.


What is involved in employee background screening?


A thorough background check requires a prospective employer to verify a candidate’s credentials, which could include:

  • Identity check, such as passport, driving license or income tax number
  • Educational qualifications
  • Professional certifications
  • Check for a criminal record
  • Previous employment records
  • Work experience
  • A comprehensive check would also involve contacting former employers, line managers and supervisors
  • Credit history check is fast becoming a requirement of many companies, especially those in the financial services, security and IT sectors
  • Drugs and substance abuse tests are also gaining in popularity


What can go wrong without a background screening check


Bringing a new employee into your organization to fulfil a key role is intended to move your business forward. Instead, it can expose your business to significant risk. That risk extends to employees, suppliers, investors and shareholders too.

For example, if you expect an individual to hit the ground running and fit into a critical team, it is too late to discover that they are not qualified to perform the task after you have hired them. Not only have you wasted time, effort and budget but you have lost the opportunity cost of have the right person in post.

In extreme cases, you may have hired somebody who poses a real security risk by virtue of having a criminal record or is a substance abuser.

As you can see, background screening is critical for employers to protect their businesses. In some cases, it may be a mandatory requirement to prevent legal action arising out of negligent hiring.

It ensures you hire a better quality of employee because candidates with a history of undesirable behaviors can be quickly identified to maintain creating a safe and productive environment for other workers.


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