01 Employee Background Employee Background Screening Read More Background screening ensures your candidates are who they say they are and that their academic and professional credentials stand up to scrutiny.

The temptation to polish a resume to match the requirements of a role is often just too much for some people. They go further than just highlighting their best attributes. Inaccuracies and downright untruths are commonplace and falsified credentials appear more often than you might think.
02 Blue Collar Screening
Blue Collar Screening
Read More The rise of the on-demand economy (ODE) has highlighted the need for a greater number of casual, migrant, part-time and temporary workers by Indian employers. Uber is a good example of deploying a flexible workforce, while health and beauty services, food delivery services, home services are just a few of the elements of this booming sector.

Currently, they are considered sub-contractors in most countries and do not enjoy the same work-related benefits as people considered to be employees.
03 The people with responsibility for leading and steering your company have to be of the highest caliber. That means you need to have the utmost confidence that they check out on all fronts and not just what their resume says.

These leaders act at the very core of your enterprise, with full access to commercial and financial data that may be of a highly sensitive and confidential nature.
Read More Executive Screening Executive Screening
03 Your workforce is probably your organization’s greatest asset. However, it is also laden with
risk, especially at the hiring stage, but also as time goes by and individuals perform actions in their lives that are not very desirable. You need to know the weak points of your workforce as a basic risk mitigation device.
Read More Professional Candidate Screening Professional Candidate
03 Globalization and a highly mobile workforce means your candidates may be foreign nationals or have lived and worked in other countries. So how do you approach a global employee background screening check?
Here at Krib Information Services we have developed the economic and customizable solution.
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