Address Verification

Address Verification

This powerful background check involves validating the permanent and current addresses of an applicant.

Candidates who wish to hide something in their past from a potential employer may state a new temporary address or even invent a brand new identity. This ruse often succeeds because address verification is rarely as thorough as the service offered by Krib.

A verified address is one more confirmation of a candidate’s integrity, while a failed check saves you and your organization from potentially hiring an untrustworthy or disruptive employee.


Why address history is important


The service offers an optional extra level of investigation. Upon request, our experts can trace the candidate’s entire address history. This is vital in uncovering criminal or financial discrepancies that may not be connected to the individual’s current or permanent address.

It also helps with other verifications, especially during an in-depth background check and provides insights into the candidate’s behaviors and integrity.


How Krib experts perform an address verifications background check


While normally executed by means of a database check initially, we also seek corroboration and parallel proofs. We may choose to visit the physical address when circumstances indicate that it is necessary to dispel doubt.

The client can specify which addresses are to be checked:

  • Current address
  • Permanent address
  • Previous addresses
  • Any or all addresses specified by the client

When a physical visit is carried out, it will record the event through a photo and signature of the verifier, along with the residence, street and GPS coordinates where conditions permit.


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Contact us for more details or to book an address verification assignment. We will be happy to explain our other background check services if you wish, so that you may choose from the menu of options available to you.

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