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Education and Qualifications Verification


You want to be sure that the education and professional qualifications the candidate has listed in a resume are indeed correct and from a properly licensed education institute. That is how you ensure you hire only valid candidates.
Verification of the candidate’s education details matters because that is where the majority of exaggeration and inaccuracies are likely to occur.
It may even be that a certain level of achievement is mandatory for the role. An under qualified individual might well damage some project or initiative, and you would not realize until it’s too late.
For example, your role might require a graduate with knowledge of mechanical engineering. Somebody who has indeed been to university could misrepresent a low grade qualification obtained in, say, civil engineering, as being something else entirely. That might well not show up in interview, especially if the hiring manager is not familiar with the discipline.


How we carry out checks on educational and professional qualifications


We can validate all manner of educational and professional credentials to ensure that claims made are authentic. We verify through the records of the college, institute and/or university as appropriate and consult with their admin personnel when necessary.
We check all categories of certifications and courses both in India and in any other country.
The client can decide how thorough the check should be. For example, we can check only university qualifications, or perform a thorough top to bottom verification of all claims made on a resume.
The check can take anything from 10 to 25 days depending on the depth and also on outside factors such as responsiveness of educational establishments.


Steps involved in verifying education and professional credentials


Typically we check each of these factors as a minimum:
– The educational establishment’s recognition status to ensure it is valid and genuine
– Year the candidate enrolled and graduated
– Candidate’s roll or registration number
– Date certificates were authorized/issued
– Authority body that issued certificates of accomplishment
– Courses and subjects studied
– Grades/marks awarded


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