Drug Test

Drug Test

Drug usage exposes vulnerabilities in your personnel. Substance abuse on a regular basis sometimes also involves financial difficulties in obtaining the money to fund a drug habit. That could have security implications for your organization and your people.

Alcohol abuse alone accounts for large proportion of absenteeism, accidents and reduces productivity.

Substance abuse and drug testing is commonly deployed when hiring for sensitive roles, or roles that require a high degree of integrity and confidentiality.

The Krib Information Systems check performs a full range of leading edge drug screening techniques using only reputable and certified laboratories.

Benefits of drug testing in the workplace


Performing drug and substance abuse tests both on your current workforce and potential new hires helps to deter and detect abuse.

  • Help employees who are users by referring them to advice and rehabilitation services so that they can turn their lives around
  • Reduce incidents of property and cash theft in your offices or working premises
  • Minimize the risk of employees being compromised by hostile external forces for commercial gain

Many employers across the globe have developed drug testing policies as part of their overall procedures and policies portfolio. This indicates how prevalent drug abuse in the workplace has become.


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