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Running a background check on a candidate’s credit history is a requirement of the hiring policy of many companies. How an individual has handled personal consumer finance in the past reflects character, integrity and reliability.


Performing a background credit history check is now a very common requirement when hiring. Many company’s nowadays, and not just those in banking or financial services, look at how well a candidate has handled personal finances in the past. They believe that a poor track record of personal consumer finance may indicate weaknesses in other areas. Some also fear that it may reveal security vulnerabilities too. A credit history check mitigates unnecessary risk.

The Krib Information Services background check uses information stored by consumer credit reference agencies and other financial sources. The objective is to establish whether or not the individual has a clean credit history or has what is considered a poor track record in consumer finance.

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements


In many sectors and in various countries, running a background check on an employee’s credit history is a legal requirement. It is mandatory for any new hires.


International credit history coverage by Krib


Once we know what countries the individual has resided in we can access the appropriate public domain records in those jurisdictions. That will reveal and bankruptcies, financial litigation or other debt issues in the individual’s past.
Available sources of information and the legislation governing their access and usage, varies from country to country.


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