Criminal Record Check

Criminal Record Check

In many jurisdictions worldwide, a criminal record check is mandatory before hiring for certain roles. These may include financial activities or proximity with vulnerable people.

Performing such a check protects both your business and the people who depend on your expertise at hiring appropriate candidates only. In some cases, legal action could follow if regulations are not complied with in regard to performing criminal record background checks before hiring.

Regardless of the law, it is only pure common sense to safeguard against hiring staff who could pose a risk from within your organization.

Even if a conviction does not exclude a candidate from the position, the knowledge alone enables you to make an informed decision in the matter.

Performing a criminal record check depends on the jurisdiction


Krib Information Services can perform a range of criminal record background checks across the globe.

Every country has its own system of recording criminal convictions and court proceedings. Some countries, such as India, mainly retain manual records at state, district, metro and local level. Others have centralized computer databases at state, federal or national level.

Legislation pertaining to what records may be interrogated also varies between national and state jurisdictions.

It means the investigative techniques and effort required vary with the location and also with the depth of investigation that is required.

However, we have wide experience in successfully completing criminal record checks.

We review each investigation individually depending on the requirements of the client, the nationality and country of residence of the subject, and the jurisdictions involved that need to be checked for criminal activity.


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