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Identity – Check and Validate


The most basic rule when hiring is that the candidates you are facing across the table in interviews really are who they claim to be. If that basic assumption is wrong then you waste a great deal of time at best and potentially open up your organization to an undesirable individual.

The first and most fundamental background check action is to validate the candidate’s ID. That is true ever before the process arrives at a hiring decision.


Crucial benefits of ID Check & Validate service by Krib


  • Thorough validation process provides reassurance
  • Verification complies with regulatory guidelines
  • International reach
  • Fast and accessible

How Krib ID verification works – multiple corroboration


Krib Information Services requests the identity documents that your candidate has presented via your application process.

Using cutting edge techniques and systems, our verification procedure validates the documents, such as a driver’s licence or passport.

It does that by testing details on the document, such as the format of a passport number, and using the codes that can be scanned and interpreted by a computer to check expiry date, date of birth and so on. If the document is found to be false then you are immediately alerted so that you can terminate the hiring process without further delay.


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