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If your prospective new employer has suggested a vetting check or background screening, then it is likely that congratulations are in order and you are one step away from receiving an exciting new job offer.

Not surprisingly, the hiring manager or recruiting officer, or the company’s HR department, wish to verify that the details you have submitted on your CV/resume are correct and accurate. Sometimes, companies also wish to re-screen existing employees. This is often a prelude to
considering individuals for promotion or career advancement of some description.

It should not be cause for any concern on your part.

Why do employers insist on background screening checks?


First of all, it’s important to be aware that your employer is not trying to trip you up or looking for reasons not to offer you the job.

From a company’s point of view, it is essential to know that they are in possession of all relevant information regarding a new hire. They need to be sure that the candidate’s expertise, experience and qualifications match the requirements of the role to be filled.

There are built-in protections too. For example, screening must disregard religion, race and sexual orientation.

Also, you may request not to proceed with the screening at any time.


What happens in a background screening check?


Once you have signed the agreement to undergo a background check, your recruiter will contact us and send your CV and any other material you may have submitted, such as an application form, covering letter, or letters of recommendation.

The first step for us is to contact you. We may request further documentation depending on what checks we have been asked to carry out. These could consist of:

  • Your passport or other form of identification
  • Your full address history
  • Certificate of academic achievements
  • Certificates of professional qualifications

The sooner you can get these to us, the faster you will be processed, ready to accept your new job offer.

Do be aware that our service merely checks facts and reports back confidentially to your recruiter. We make absolutely no recommendations whatsoever. Your recruiter will assess the results that we present in our report and decides what happens next. We do not influence that decision making process in any way.


Tips to achieve a successful and rapid background screening check


Your proactive cooperation is a key factor in ensuring your check is completed quickly and successfully. You can greatly assist your cause by bearing these tips in mind.

  • Ensure you send us all of the documentation we request. Any omission will only inject delay into the process.
  • Be honest and accurate in answering any question we may ask, and in completing the details we request from you.


Request more information


Contact us if you should require more information regarding our background screening process. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss the particulars of any individual case but we are happy to describe what we do in general terms. Complete confidentiality is a key aspect of our service.

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