Employment Verification

Past and Current Employment Verification


Employment history and experience forms the largest content of most resumes. It is also where fraudulent or inaccurate statements are most likely to be found. Candidates generally tailor their CV to match the requirements of the role being filled. However, the potential temptation for exaggeration and misinformation is obvious. Candidates may omit previous jobs in order to conceal possible issues. Many simply believe that the employer will never check their history and uncover the real facts. Some even invent imaginary employers and roles. You want to safeguard your organization from people like this. Krib excels at checking employment history line by line and verifying it directly with the employers.


Why use the Krib employment verification service?


Tracking a candidate’s employment history is time-consuming. It can be difficult to get through to the right people and can be prone to error. So leave it to the experts to achieve employment verification. Krib removes doubts about a candidate’s employment history, enabling you to move forward with confidence that you are in possession of the true facts of the matter. We double-check the basic details of stated previous employment directly with employers or authorized agents. We verify job title, job description, start and end dates, and can even obtain comments about performance and any other workplace concerns. Verifications are usually obtained either from the HR Department or directly from an immediate line manager or supervisor.


Benefits of the Krib employment history background check


By having us thoroughly check and verify your candidate’s employment history, you will quickly see whether or not the applicant has the correct experience and skills and for the role. Only then can you confidently make an informed decision.


  • Check your candidate’s stated experience, tenure or employment and roles held
  • Obtain objective independent validation of your candidate’s statements
  • Uncover any issues with previous employments
  • Avoid hiring dishonest individuals from the outset


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Contact us today to obtain a full review of your candidate’s employment history. You avoid the time, hassle and effort of having to check with each employer yourself. No need to worry if the resume has been “enhanced”. Our expert investigators will do the legwork for you and file a full report of their findings.

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