A problem employee tries to hide his past history

On speaking with a Director of the candidate’s previous employment, we discovered that he had been fired for gross dereliction of duty on several fronts. The individual would frequently go absent without leave and switch off his phone. Alcohol abuse was noted and may have been a contributory cause. Dishonest dealings with customers meant the company’s invoices went unpaid. Our investigations saved the new potential employer from making a serious hiring error.

Falsifying employment history is very commonplace

Another candidate had simply quit his previous position a few weeks earlier without warning, and without serving any notice to his employer.

The candidate claimed to have held a technical position with the previous employer. On checking, the employer stated that (a) the position held was not what the candidate claimed and (b) the letter of Appointment and Termination were both fake.

The previous employer of another candidate declared that related documentation had been tampered with and the original text had been amended to portray a far more favorable picture. Yet another confirmed that a candidate’s Experience Letter and Salary Slip were forgeries.

Lessons learned from our background screening experience

Those are just a few samples pulled at random from our files. Happily, the numbers of favorable reports outnumber the negative ones but the count indicates the necessity of performing at least basic checks. It should be an employer’s first line of defense.

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