Global Background Screening

Global Background Screening


Globalization and a highly mobile workforce means your candidates may be foreign nationals or have lived and worked in other countries. So how do you approach a global employee background screening check?

Here at Krib Information Services we have developed the economic and customization solution.


How we do global employee background screening


We have gradually built up an international network of associates with whom we work to perform foreign country checks when the need arises. They speak the language of the country in which they operate, comply with all local legislation and know where to look to locate specific pieces of information.

This simple but highly effective solution is made possible by the instant communication of the Internet and modern technology. It is a reciprocal arrangement and we assist them with their investigations here in India.


Services available through our international offering


We can offer all of the services in almost any of the 195 counties in the world you choose to nominate:

Government ID verification – ensures that the ID presented by a candidate is valid and not a forgery. This can be carried out in jurisdictions where it is possible to do so.

Address verification – we can check a candidate’s current and previous addresses and provide photographic proof of our visit if required

Academic and professional credentials check – validates certifications from colleges and universities, and from professional bodies.

Criminal record check – discover if your candidate has an undesirable criminal or violent history in any country of previous residence. Searches may sometimes be constrained by legal permissions to access the information in different countries.


Benefits of Krib global employee background screening


If the best candidate for a position is a foreign national, our service gives you the comfort and confidence to proceed with the hiring process and dispels any doubts.

  • Expands your pool of potential talent outside your own borders
  • Minimizes risk from new hires to your organization and your people
  • Frees you up from the tedious task of tracking down the information yourself
  • Our report contains all the facts we uncover – you make your own decision

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